Typesetting and binding a short stories book

2 July 2011

Recently I finished typesetting and binding my own short stories book, with the help of Adobe InDesign, Acrobat Professional, and my home printer. The book is a collection of three short stories written by me: “The Orchid Shop,” “Doctor Greenbourne,” and “Act One.” I wrote all three of these stories for my creative writing class in my final semester at Calvin, and I wanted to have a way to present all three together, since all of them shared a them.

I titled the collection “Letters, Plants, & Fish” because those three objects serve as key elements or symbols in each of the stories, respectively. But all of the stories have unifying themes of love, an odd fascination for plants and England (hmm… I wonder where that came from…), and quirky characters. (Those of you who know me personally may have read them and know what I’m talking about.)

This is the first book that I bound that had real, actual content. Yes, I’ve made recipe books and journals, but those are books to-be-filled. This book is already filled. This is also the first book I created with a jacket cover. Enjoy the new pictures in my bookmaking section.