I Do. Weddings.

16 August 2011

I recently completed my first set of wedding invitations, programs, and thank you cards for a couple from school who got married. I’ve received several queries from couples of how much it costs. That’s a hard question to answer, since it all depends on the quantity, paper types, and overall design of the wedding “system.” Not to mention, everyone wants something different. So, I created a simple to use chart that my friends and clients can use to see to estimate how much I’ll charge. Check it out if you’re getting hitched in the near future.

I’m still green to the whole wedding designer “gig,” but I’d like to help those who are interested in my work. I enjoyed it the first time, and would love to work with more couples. I will work to make your wedding prints and designs as inexpensive as possible, while being fair to myself as a designer for the time and labor. I think that’s understandable. Just let me know what I can do for you. I am happy to estimate more exact prices upon contact after discussing designs you like. (Currently serving the Greater Grand Rapids, MI, area.)