Calvary Christian Reformed Church of Lowell Website

A website for Calvary Christian Reformed Church of Lowell

15 February 2012

Over the past few months, I’ve worked with Calvary Christian Reformed Church in Lowell, Michigan put them on the Web. The church had no pre-existing website, so I had create a solution from scratch.

I bought the domain name and hosting package, and decided to use WordPress as a CMS, along with a theme from ChurchThemer, to set up the website. I chose WordPress because of it’s user-friendliness, and its increasingly popular use on the Web. I modified and customized some of the features to fit the church’s needs, but a lot of the functionality came from ChurchThemer.

This was the first time I completed a website for someone other than myself (other than some of the Web work I did when I worked at Calvin College). It was a good learning experience, and I hope to continue to learn more about WordPress. I’m just starting to get the hang of how it works, now that I’ve dabbled in it more than I’ve ever done before.