The New Mic

19 September 2012 |

My friend Griffin Jackson started a website called The New Mic a few months ago. The New Mic is “an online magazine for college students and recent graduates, covering a wide variety of topics from campus, lifestyle, politics, culture, arts, tech, and the latest viral hits.” The cool thing about The New Mic is that, in addition to having a college/recent grad audience, it is written and maintained by college students and recent grads, too.

The New Mic home page

The New Mic home page

In addition to being an occasional writer for The New Mic myself, I agreed to take on the redesign the site. The first iteration of the redesign debuted this past week. The redesign focused on the homepage and included the incorporation of a featured posts/must reads slider, Fieldnotes and Viral carousels, and several category sections to display the latest posts from the main sections of the site: College, World, Sports, Tech, and The Reviewer. The site really is about anything and everything that 17-26(ish) year olds care about that’s in the news and on the Internet.

Check out The New Mic yourself. Feel free to comment on articles you like, share content, or — if you are a writer/up-and-coming journalist 17-26ish years old — get in touch with The New Mic’s editor. It’s the perfect platform to share your stories and build your writing resume.

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