Love INC icon set

20 June 2013

A few months ago, I was approached by the Marketing and Communications Manager of Love In the Name of Christ of Grandville, Hudsonville, and Jenison, Michigan about creating an original set of icons for each of its ministries. The idea was to tie together a very wide range of ministries and services of this Christian ministry in a visual way. The final result was approximately 50 different icons that represent each type of ministry, icons that can be used in places like newsletters and the website. The icons follow the Love INC color palette, and each color represents a different area of ministry. The general Love INC logo is included on all icons so each icon can stand by itself while also carrying the Love INC “brand.”

  • Red = Resale ministries
  • Blue = Resource ministries
  • Orange = Renewal ministries
  • Yellow = Clearing house ministries
  • Green = Transformational ministries
  • Purple = General organization

Below is a sample of each color/category. The illustrations for each ministries were placed in a house-shaped icon to symbolize the work of Love INC in a community, but also to suggest an “up” arrow — the desire of the organization to improve peoples lives in the name of Christ through the work of many volunteers and donations.