Refreshed weddings website

16 October 2013

After working at it piecemeal for the past few months, I made the final push to finish a refresh on my weddings website. The new site is now responsive to the size of your browser, so it’s more mobile-friendly. The design is not a complete overhaul; I kept a lot of the same typography and images from the previous design that I liked. But I hope it’s a bit more user-friendly.

What’s new?

My samples now open in lightboxes, and I cut down my copy quite a bit — the tabbed structure helps break it up, too. The old site was really long, and while I don’t think users have too much trouble with scrolling, I wanted to put my samples as the first thing they’ll see before they look at prices and contact information.

In the end, a simple website, but I like how it turned out. I’m sure I’ll be making more tweaks to it in the coming days as I find bugs and continue to make it friendlier for any screen.

Before and after screenshots:

I Do. Wedding Designs.

Old site design — very text heavy at the top

New site sample gallery page

New site sample gallery page — shows off the designs better right off the bat