Heights of Hope Logo

Heights of Hope

23 April 2012 |

I recently finished a logo for Heights of Hope, a community organization in Holland Heights, Michigan. This was a fun project, and was designed to boost the identity/branding of the organization that had used a “clip art” like logo before. The logo will be used in conjunction with their brochures, literature, and letterheads–if not more…. Read more.

SVA Zeeland Ajax Books - Columns of Dapp're Zeeuw

Ajax handmade books

11 April 2012 |

My cousins are avid fans of the Dutch football (soccer to Americans) team Ajax. Recently, I completed a project for them to bind a twin set of 29 columns written by one of their recently-passed friends, who went by the pen-name Dapp’re Zeeuw. They wanted the books made as a tribute to their friend. They… Read more.

New WordPress Theme

Oranje: new WordPress theme

5 March 2012 |

I have officially moved into the realm of creating my own WordPress themes. I had previously been using Coraline as the theme for this website. But since I bought my own space on the web, I’ve been wanting to personalize my website with a theme I created from scratch. I’m so excited to learn more… Read more.

Calvary Christian Reformed Church of Lowell Website

A website for Calvary Christian Reformed Church of Lowell

15 February 2012 |

Over the past few months, I’ve worked with Calvary Christian Reformed Church in Lowell, Michigan put them on the Web. The church had no pre-existing website, so I had create a solution from scratch. I bought the domain name and hosting package, and decided to use WordPress as a CMS, along with a theme from… Read more.

I Do. Wedding Designs.

New Weddings section

9 February 2012 |

Getting married? I Do… Wedding Designs. Now that I’ve had more than a few couples approach me about doing their wedding invitation designs, I’ve decided to make a new weddings section of my website. I had a lot of fun  with the typography design of this site. Kudos to Google Webfonts, which has become such… Read more.

I Do. Weddings.

16 August 2011 |

I recently completed my first set of wedding invitations, programs, and thank you cards for a couple from school who got married. I’ve received several queries from couples of how much it costs. That’s a hard question to answer, since it all depends on the quantity, paper types, and overall design of the wedding “system.”… Read more.

Grand Valley Collision logo

6 August 2011 |

I recently completed a simple branding project for a two-man auto body start-up, Grand Valley Collision. Check out the details here.

Dwelling Place Midtown Village signs

26 July 2011 |

I recently completed two large temporary signs for the Dwelling Place Midtown Village project. Midtown Village is a renovation of the historic E.E. Fell Junior High, and Dwelling Place had a school-themed advertising campaign in place. I helped visually design two large “academic” signs: a 2 x 12 ft. ruler and a 5 x 6… Read more.

Typesetting and binding a short stories book

2 July 2011 |

Recently I finished typesetting and binding my own short stories book, with the help of Adobe InDesign, Acrobat Professional, and my home printer. The book is a collection of three short stories written by me: “The Orchid Shop,” “Doctor Greenbourne,” and “Act One.” I wrote all three of these stories for my creative writing class… Read more.

Overbeeke Family Crest

Overbeeke family crest

25 June 2011 |

I’ve brought my family crest into the 21st Century. I traced the crest from a technical drawing my father did when he was young, in Adobe Illustrator. Now the Overbeeke family crest is fully digital and in vector format. My brother and I are thinking of creating an Overbeeke family genealogy website, and I was… Read more.