Printing a portfolio book with Blurb

9 March 2011

I’ve finally completed my portfolio book. I’m self-publishing it with Blurb is a great service. I was excited when I learned that you can self-publish books that are nearly fully customizable. The only thing that you cannot customize is the size. Obviously Blurb has to set some parameters. But it was so refreshing to […]

My iterative process of brand redesign in Adobe Illustrator

This is how I work

8 March 2011

For my final Communication Design course at Calvin we are taking on a real client: Health Intervention Services. I am currently working on a new identity for HIS. I’m making sketches and mocking them up in Adobe Illustrator. In Illustrator, I can make 50+ artboards and create a new logo on each board. I’m discovering […]

Chemical Landscapes

9 February 2011

The entire chemical landscapes series from my Advanced Drawing course has now been posted in my portfolio. Check it out.

Content slowly being added

24 January 2011

I am gradually adding content to my portfolio. It’s taking me quite some time to export all my best projects in a web-friendly format. It will be a while before I have everything set. In the meantime, check out new additions to my Graphics and Layout pages. I also posted some of my best photos […]

Site under reconstruction

2 October 2010

As you can see, I’ve moved my website to WordPress. It’ll be under reconstruction for a while. I hope to make a more dynamic and visually pleasing website this time around.