Heights of Hope

Heights of Hope Logo

Heights of Hope Logo

Heights of Hope is a local nonprofit organization in Holland, Michigan, ministering to the people in the Stratford/Abbey/Oxford neighborhood of Holland Heights. April 2012, I designed a new logo for the organization.

The logo includes is an abstract representation of three open doors. Three quadrangles are angled as three doors would be when ajar. Heights of Hope is different from other community organizations in that the community workers actually live in the Holland Heights community themselves. A door represents an entrance to a dwelling place, and multiple doors represent a neighborhood that is inviting and open to all kinds of people. Openness also applies to the volunteers–anyone can help.

The three colors of yellow, green, and blue, were chosen to represent the bright, positive mission of the organization. The multiple colors are also a symbol of the community’s diversity, no matter whether that diversity is race, creed, abilities, or age.

The three vertical quadrangles also resemble the vertical bars of two letter H’s, for Heights of Hope or Holland Heights. Yellow + blue = green, hence green is in the center. Three is also a significant number to the organization, which is supported by three local churches: Niekerk CRC, Holland Heights CRC, and Calvary Reformed Church.

The coiled heart that ties the symbol together implies the potential energy of love, and the ever-increasing circle of inclusion: as the coil swirls outward from the heart, it encompasses more and more around it. Coils are also symbols of creativity, and the many ways that Heights of Hope involves itself in the community, including such events festivals, 5ks, food drives, mentoring, and creative classes.