The collection below shows examples of my work for couples in the past. All designs were custom-made and/or hand-drawn. Click on the thumbnails to view more detailed samples for each couple. More info on my weddings website.

Cailin & Michael


An arch of fall flora was the motif for this wedding with a special appearance by a thistle and a tulip to represent the couple’s Scottish and Dutch roots, respectively. Supplemental cards stacked so each header could be seen when stuck in the accompanying pocket.

Jessica & Andrew


Scattered fall leaves not in the typical fall colors, but with a burgundy and navy twist instead, was the theme for this fall wedding (one extra-special to me–my own sister’s!). Drawn with watercolor pencils, the leaf motif was used across all material in this design set.

Brittney & Christopher


Lindsey & Benjamen


Colorful dots frame these fun invitations for a light and fun, but not-too-informal look, for this spring wedding. Malibu blue is the primary color with yellow and coral as accents. The main card is backed by blue cardstock and topped off with a neat ribbon.

Irna & Paul


This is the “Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After” design I’ve done before, but in plum and mint color scheme for a classic, elegant look that’s still fun.

Emma & Scott


Sailing and snowflakes. This simple, almost understated design is for a day-after-New-Years-Day wedding. The couple had a passion for sailing, so tying-the-knot themes, like a ballantine coil, and other nautical imagery come in to play, sprinkled with winter snowflakes.

Tiffany & David


Wheat is the main design motif for this October wedding with added details of hand-drawn flowers to complement the typography and a monogram S at the top of the main invitation. The rehearsal invitations supplement the design, continuing with the fall colors and theme, drawing from the same look-and-feel while remaining a distinct, separate design.

Jessica & Stuart


A creamy, paper bag brown is the theme color for this set of simple and elegant wedding invitations for this early September wedding.

Brittany & David


This late summer wedding has a teal theme with mason jars, baby’s breath flowers, fancy-yet-informal typography, and a hint of coral, which is set to take place outdoors in a park. The elements have a washed-out watercolor effect and a burlap textured background to add to the look-and-feel.

Katie & Christopher


A blue fall scene borders these invitations, complete with branches, leaves, feathers, acorns, and candlelit lantern for this wedding set to take place on the first of November in a park. Complete with a fun Halloween costume party card in lieu of a rehearsal dinner the night before, including detailed maps of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Melanie & Robert


An etching of a sycamore leaf serves as the repeated motif for this fall wedding, reminiscent of the practice of collecting leaves and tracing them with paper. The background is a coffee-stain-like watercolor to add to the autumn effect.

Christina & Mark


Lush hydrangeas and calla lilies are painted in a clover green watercolor for this mid-July wedding, set to take place outdoors. Classic script heading fonts and a rich-but-playful body font work together to bring this invitation suite together.

Jessica & Scott


A slightly modified “Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After” word plaque with elegant scroll makes a return in this design (see also Lisa and Daniel), this time in regency purple and cornflower blue.

Karissa & Matthew


A simple faded background in blush pink depicts a mason jar full of wildflowers for this wedding, set to take place in June. The typefaces are a mix of rustic, for the names and headings, and elegant, for the body text. The wildflower motif is carried over to the RSVP card and registries card.

Katie & Jordan


This May wedding is set to take place in a big red barn. A previous design of mine (see Sara and Jarrad) makes a reprise—including the cow—with some additions and modifications: a white picket fence has been added to the pastoral scene, the typography updated, and the red has been deepened.

Emily & Andrew


A buffalo check pattern ties these cards together, for this wedding, set to take place two days after Valentine’s. An informal yet elegant look.

Anna & Micah


Classy set of invitations with clover green symmetrical scroll in the footer to bring it all together. Simple blank thank you cards with the couple’s name scripted on front.

Anna & Nathaniel


The row of dahlias returns for the invitations, but the color scheme is updated to echo the watermelon and sunbeam accents on the dresses and tuxes, keeping the look summery but classic.

Sara & Jarrad


Barn doors open up to reveal a pastoral scene for this wedding, which is set to take place on a farm. This invitation set is filled with visual puns: a paint can on the back panel of the invite and the couple’s surname is hinted by the cow on the RSVP card.

Lisa & Daniel


“Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After” word plaque with two love birds in the header, and elegant eggplant scroll design in the footer, for this mid-summer design.

Natalie & Neil


Three-card system with bird-and-branch offset illustration with slight hints of iris (light violet) and grey.

Alissa & Joseph


Simple, typographical invitation insert for pre-made wedding kit with a fun, typewriter-style mad lib RSVP.

Rebecca & Andrew


Three-card system with cornflower blue ribbons subtly etched with Asian lilies using negative space.

Nicole & Jacob


Simple three-card system based on an apple red origami flower design (featured in the bride’s bouquet and groom’s boutonièrre), perfect for a New Year’s Eve wedding.

Ashley & Steve


A tiered, four-card system in a red enclosure with three-color dahlia design on off-white cardstock for an August wedding.