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Cheers! William’s Semester in Britain 2010 book is finished.

17 October 2013

It is finished. Finally. After three years of working on this book on-and-off — and sometimes really off (I think the longest I didn’t touch it was for an entire year) — I finally finished and — am proud to announce — published my book: William’s Semester in Britain 2010. How did I do it? I […]

Ajax handmade books

11 April 2012

My cousins are avid fans of the Dutch football (soccer to Americans) team Ajax. Recently, I completed a project for them to bind a twin set of 29 columns written by one of their recently-passed friends, who went by the pen-name Dapp’re Zeeuw. They wanted the books made as a tribute to their friend. They […]

Typesetting and binding a short stories book

2 July 2011

Recently I finished typesetting and binding my own short stories book, with the help of Adobe InDesign, Acrobat Professional, and my home printer. The book is a collection of three short stories written by me: “The Orchid Shop,” “Doctor Greenbourne,” and “Act One.” I wrote all three of these stories for my creative writing class […]

Slideshow: Publish Your Own Book

18 April 2011

I recently hosted a presentation/workshop at Calvin College about publishing your own book from scratch using Adobe InDesign and Here are the slides from that presentation.

Handmade bookmaking love

22 March 2011

I love designing and making books. Ever since my January Interim class when I hand-crafted books, I’ve been addicted. I love layout, but now I have a much greater appreciation of the physicality of books, too. I just posted photos of a few of my best books from my Bookmaking class. I’m on spring break […]

Printing a portfolio book with Blurb

9 March 2011

I’ve finally completed my portfolio book. I’m self-publishing it with Blurb is a great service. I was excited when I learned that you can self-publish books that are nearly fully customizable. The only thing that you cannot customize is the size. Obviously Blurb has to set some parameters. But it was so refreshing to […]