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Cheers! William’s Semester in Britain 2010 book is finished.

17 October 2013 |

It is finished. Finally. After three years of working on this book on-and-off — and sometimes really off (I think the longest I didn’t touch it was for an entire year) — I finally finished and — am proud to announce — published my book: William’s Semester in Britain 2010. How did I do it? I… Read more.

Ajax handmade books

11 April 2012 |

My cousins are avid fans of the Dutch football (soccer to Americans) team Ajax. Recently, I completed a project for them to bind a twin set of 29 columns written by one of their recently-passed friends, who went by the pen-name Dapp’re Zeeuw. They wanted the books made as a tribute to their friend. They… Read more.

Typesetting and binding a short stories book

2 July 2011 |

Recently I finished typesetting and binding my own short stories book, with the help of Adobe InDesign, Acrobat Professional, and my home printer. The book is a collection of three short stories written by me: “The Orchid Shop,” “Doctor Greenbourne,” and “Act One.” I wrote all three of these stories for my creative writing class… Read more.

Slideshow: Publish Your Own Book

18 April 2011 |

I recently hosted a presentation/workshop at Calvin College about publishing your own book from scratch using Adobe InDesign and Here are the slides from that presentation.

Handmade bookmaking love

22 March 2011 |

I love designing and making books. Ever since my January Interim class when I hand-crafted books, I’ve been addicted. I love layout, but now I have a much greater appreciation of the physicality of books, too. I just posted photos of a few of my best books from my Bookmaking class. I’m on spring break… Read more.

Printing a portfolio book with Blurb

9 March 2011 |

I’ve finally completed my portfolio book. I’m self-publishing it with Blurb is a great service. I was excited when I learned that you can self-publish books that are nearly fully customizable. The only thing that you cannot customize is the size. Obviously Blurb has to set some parameters. But it was so refreshing to… Read more.