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Oranje: new WordPress theme

5 March 2012 |

I have officially moved into the realm of creating my own WordPress themes. I had previously been using Coraline as the theme for this website. But since I bought my own space on the web, I’ve been wanting to personalize my website with a theme I created from scratch. I’m so excited to learn more… Read more.

A website for Calvary Christian Reformed Church of Lowell

15 February 2012 |

Over the past few months, I’ve worked with Calvary Christian Reformed Church in Lowell, Michigan put them on the Web. The church had no pre-existing website, so I had create a solution from scratch. I bought the domain name and hosting package, and decided to use WordPress as a CMS, along with a theme from… Read more.

Site under reconstruction

2 October 2010 |

As you can see, I’ve moved my website to WordPress. It’ll be under reconstruction for a while. I hope to make a more dynamic and visually pleasing website this time around.