Check out different sections of my portfolio by category. Follow the links, where you will find specific clients, projects, and items in my repertoire.


I’ve designed the interiors of a wide variety of books—everything from novels, trade (nonfiction), academic, and four-color. See a list of them here or on my Goodreads account. (Disclaimer: I do not necessarily endorse or share the views of each book’s respective author or its content; I only did the interior design.)

Client Design

Client design includes design projects, big and small, done for organizations or individuals. The work in this category involves everything from branding and identity to print pieces and websites. (This might be my favorite section.) See a list of clients and projects.


Drawings include those that I did for advanced art classes or schoolwork as well as portraits for individuals and families. See a list of drawing projects by name and type.


Graphics include bits and pieces of graphical or illustrative design work. This is an assortment of graphics that show both play and the use of word and image. See graphics.

Web Design

Web design includes examples of my web design projects, both mockups and real sites. I have worked as a web graphic designer in the past, creating and updating images and web pages, where my knowledge of HTML/CSS and CMS’s has also come in handy.


The layout section includes a variety samples of page layouts and concepts from books and or printed materials and some website mockups. See layouts.


Writings are samples of my writing from four different categories: fiction, nonfiction, journalism, and poetry. All forms of writing are creative in their own respect, but each requires a different facet of discipline. Read some of my writing samples.


While I do not specialize in video production (at least not at this point), videos are animated and graphical sequences or stories I have created. I have worked with motion tools like After Effects and other video editing software. See my animations and videos.


In addition, you can check out my Weddings website, too, which is a special form of client design.